Deleted / De-activated Facebook Account

After a long hesitation, i finally got my Facebook account deleted! Hooray!!!
I have been wanting to delete my Facebook account, reason being using Facebook after they changed their privacy policy makes me feel "NAKED"! Personally i find Facebook disrespect individual privacy, there are a few things that pissed me off or turned me off :

1. Before the privacy terms changed, we were able to not let anyone add us i.e no "Add As Friend" button appear on your profile page if you choose no one can add you. But after the privacy terms changed, the "Add As Friend" button will appear on your profile, this is what annoyed me the most, because from the very beginning the reason i use facebook was to only keep in touch with people who i want to be in touch with, but now every tom dick and harry can add me. Some friends' friends were the people that i do not want to add them in my friend list but they kept adding me.

2. Friend list - Another thing that made me feel naked is the friend list that viewable by others, i would prefer to keep my friend list private because i understand many of my friend are like me, they prefer to only keep those selected ones to be in their friend list.

3. Invitation for games and other de-meaning invitations. I am not a fan of online games and before that i have disabled the function that allow people to invite me for games, but after that i started to receive a lot of invitations again.

Another problem, it's more of my own problem - the "FACEBOOK ADDICTION" symptom. You will login as and when you are free (sometimes even not that free)to check out what's your friend posting, i was hooked by that once.

After reading the news came to know that i was not alone, many people look for keywords on Google search "How to delete facebook a/c" "How to de-activate facebook a/c" so... i am not alone.

After deleting my FB a/c initially i felt a bit not getting use to it but after 1 week i feel very good and not burdened.

To delete your fb  a/c it takes up to 2 weeks for your a/c to be toltally deleted.

If anyone one of you need more info on how to delete your fb feel free to ask me.

The above only my personal opinion.

The rat race life

Have not been blogging for more than a month, reason being too lazy, lately started a temp job been keeping me busy. I have not been working for quite awhile and now got back to work even though just a short period of time but already feel the rat race life again, having said that i still enjoy my work a lot despite there are some silly people in the office. As this time i finish work at 6pm, if the traffic is ok i can reach home before 7pm but if there is a downpour it could take up to 2hrs as many places usually affected by flash flood.
Coming back to the rat race life, i really feel for those who has family, they have so little time to spend with their family during weekdays. I am lucky that i only have to work for 2 1/2 mths.
I don't wish to get back to the rat race life,but if i don't want to have such life i need to do something about it. Yes, do something about it, do what then? i already run out of idea of what to do. I wanted to make something out of the cyberworld but until today i still have not found anything solid yet, i have problem with my own discipline.

Feeling sleepy now....... good nite....


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