Hugh Jackman pissed off by audience's mobile phone

Hugh Jackman pissed off by audience's phone ring during his Broadway performance with fellow Daniel Craig.
During the play of A Steady Rain alongside with blond Bond Daniel Craig .
In the middle of a tense dramatic scene, a mobile phone rang. While staying in character, Jackman points to the phone offender and says: “You wanna get that? You wanna get that, grab it I don’t care. "Grab your phone it doesn’t matter."
A few seconds later the phone starts to ring again prompting Jackman, still in character to say: “Come on, just turn it off unless you got a better story, you want to get up and tell your story?”

Craig then also chimes in with: “Can you get that, whoever it is can you just get it? We can wait just get the phone,” Craig says.

Watch the longer version here

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