Magazine offers - Men's Health / ESPN / Parent & Child

Received these Magazine offers from friend

1) Men's Health
2) Muscle & Fitness
3) Popular Science
4) Prevention
5) Runners World

If you use coupons, here are 3 new coupons for Parents Magazine, Family Circle and ESPN that should give you the best price. The 10% coupon is very popular so they extending the expiration date to August 31, 2009.

Description Start Date End Date
10% off orders over $30. Use coupon code surplusmags10off at checkout. 07/01/2009 07/31/2009
47% off Parents Magazine. Use coupon code mflparents at checkout. 07/23/2008 07/31/2009
20% off Family Circle. Use coupon code mflfc at checkout. 07/23/2008 07/31/2009
75% off ESPN Magazine. Use coupon code mflespn at checkout. 07/23/2008 07/31/2009


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