Elisabeth Fritzl

Elisabeth Fritzl - i have been engrossed by the news of the incest case in Austria, the poor woman who was raped and been locked in a dungeon for 24 years by her father Josef Fritzl and fathered her 7 children. There will be a news release today and i am looking forward to hear the ordeal that she been through, i pray that her heart will be healed soon. I respect her for having the will to continue to live despite the trauma that she went through. Hats off Elisabeth! you are a strong and courages woman.

will update more on her latest news and interview soon..

stay tune......

Eurovision 2008

Just finished watching Eurovision 2008 semi-final 1, it brings back the memory, i accidentally discovered this program last year when i was in Brisbane, how i discovered was..... i was nearly bored to dead and turned myself into a couch potato after my lappy was taken by someone, i don't know why i typically like European thingy that is why SBS is one of my favourite tv channel despite their old fashioned tv news casters.

I quite enjoy the Eurovision but some performances just make my head spin and i started to think if it is called 'culture shock'. For e.g the Bosnian team, the song is not bad but why they want to act like a fool? why can't they just sing normally? i don't think that is a good way to draw the crowd's attention. well.. this is only my personal opinion.

When came to the turn of the Armenian girl perform i googled at the same time to look for information about this country, you know what? i found a jewel! Armenia is so beautiful! hmmmmm... i have added it into my 'travel wish list'. see you soon Armenia. ;) by faith i will be there one day i am sure.

Travel Information website

Today i have been quite motivated and managed to write a blog, or i should say first day to write a blog related to travel information around the world, i am getting more and more enthusiastic about getting into travel business.
The blog name is Travel Bible,this blog is the travel blog for worldwide traveling, i am going to put more information about how to get cheap airfares,cheap hotel deals and will gather some good suggestions on how to enjoy your holiday with limited budget. I love looking for good deals be it shopping or travel,i got the sense of achievement when i got good deals. hehehe... good deal = smart buy.

If i can find very cheap deals for airfare or hotels i will benefit from it too hehehehe.. is a win win thing i can share with others and hoping that i will be able to make full use of the travel offer or discounts too.

Petrol, mortgage interest rate up up up!

Been seeing petrol prices and mortgage rate rise everywhere, kind of immune to it, what can be done? unless we can find a substitute to petrol, or just stay at home, hehe.. may be there is a reason behind it, may be we have been very lazy to do exercise even for a short distance we also want to depend on our car. Take it positively it is time that we should do more walking or cycling, good for the environment and our health, don't you agree? hahahhaha... what a good way to start a day with motivation. love it love it love it!

Ok let's get back to my plan today. I have to write a so called business plan on how to promote my websites, i have signed up for a lot of affiliate programs hoping to earn decent money, but so far the result is as slow as snail, i hope i will see the decent income soon, then i can share with my friends or whoever wish to find an alternate means of income, or multiple streams of income, or work from home.

Really deep down my heart i wish i could share my success if one day i am successful. A lot of people especially the middle class 90% suffer from mortgage stress, rental stress, credit card stress, children education stress. And i believe if there is a will there is a way.

Oh ya was talking about my websites just now. i am doing a couple of websites related to travel, the websites offer cheap hotel rates, cheap airfares, cheap car rentals. If any of you have good suggestions to me that i can work on please feel free to give me a feedback.

Pilot's prayers answered by Jesus sign

Saw the news this morning from www.news.com.au which the original source was from Malboroughexpress

Two Blenheim men who ran out of fuel high above the Marlborough Sounds are thanking divine intervention for getting them down safely - right next to a six-metre sign proclaiming "Jesus is Lord".

Grant Stubbs said pilot Owen Wilson told him to pray as they desperately tried to find a place to land that was not sea or steep hillside when the engine on their aircraft cut out.

The friends were on a birthday-treat trip for Mr Stubbs to Golden Bay when they ran into trouble in their microlight plane on Sunday.

After flying over Richmond and Takaka into Golden Bay they flew back over the Sounds, but as they ascended the head of the Pelorus Sound the plane's engine cut out. Mr Stubbs said they were ascending a steep slope at the time.

"When you're in a microlight if you crash, you usually die. I turned to O.B (Mr Wilson) and he said we had no fuel.

"I asked what we should do. He said: `You just pray Grant."'

Mr Stubbs said he asked God to get them over the ridge and find somewhere to land.

"We managed to splutter and cough up this steep slope before the motor cut out completely.

"We were probably at 1500 feet and had to find somewhere to land. It was water and steep slopes. We were desperately looking around and came to this tiny little bay. Behind us he spotted little grassy area."

In what Mr Stubbs called a very fine piece of gliding with no engine, Mr Wilson was able to land the plane.

"You have to figure out where you can land without it being too late, it's difficult because of the tightness of bay and the airstrip not being lined up."

Mr Stubbs, who owns Caltex on Main Street in Blenheim, said it was ironic he had 200,000 litres of petrol at work yet none with him in the sky.

After straightening the plane up, the men noticed they were beside a massive sign. Mr Stubbs estimated it was six metres high. On it was written "Jesus is Lord - The Bible".

"When we saw that we started laughing," Mr Stubbs said.

The men had landed at Tira Ora Lodge, which is run by a Christian couple.

The couple told the men that usually when a plane came in they needed to clear the animals - emus, goats, deer, wild horses and donkeys. All of the animals were there at the edge of the strip.

"It is a powerful testimony. We believe God didn't want us to check out yet," Mr Stubbs said.

It was still unclear why the men ran out of fuel as Mr Wilson said he had carefully calculated how far the plane could fly before needing to top up the fuel. There is no petrol gauge in the two-seater plane but the tank was visible behind the seats. Mr Wilson intended to install a mirror in the plane so it would be easy to see if fuel was running low.

The incident had been referred to the Civil Aviation Authority.

Who I am Makes A Difference

Today received an email from a friend, i find it very touchy that's why i decided to upload it in my blog.

A lot of people feel that they are being neglected by their parents,and fall into some kind of depression that a lot of people unaware of,but the actual fact is that most of these problems are caused by communication breakdown between two parties.

Some parent don't know how to express their love to their children especially fathers, but deep down in their heart they love their children very much. If you do come across that feeling unwanted, seek help to talk to people or talk to the professionals or counselor in your school or any non profit organisation.

If you happen to see this blog and need help i will try my way to help,i know how it's like to be in the depression.

Who I am Makes A Difference

Financial Burden

The economy in many countries doesn't seems positive, a lot of people suffer financially due to the interest rise in their mortgages, high petrol price and high inflations. Most of the people are in debts and desperately need more money, this is the fact.

But today i had a chat with my good friend,i was very down today and wanted to talk to some one and saw my good friend online she share with me these scripture,it suddenly woke me up.

This is from Ecclesiastes 5:10-20 and it is damn true.

Ecc 5:10 Those who love money will never have enough. How absurd to think that wealth brings true happiness!
Ecc 5:11 The more you have, the more people come to help you spend it. So what is the advantage of wealth-except perhaps to watch it run through your fingers!
Ecc 5:12 People who work hard sleep well, whether they eat little or much. But the rich are always worrying and seldom get a good night's sleep.
Ecc 5:13 There is another serious problem I have seen in the world. Riches are sometimes hoarded to the harm of the saver,
Ecc 5:14 or they are put into risky investments that turn sour, and everything is lost. In the end, there is nothing left to pass on to one's children.
Ecc 5:15 People who live only for wealth come to the end of their lives as naked and empty-handed as on the day they were born.
Ecc 5:16 And this, too, is a very serious problem. As people come into this world, so they depart. All their hard work is for nothing. They have been working for the wind, and everything will be swept away.
Ecc 5:17 Throughout their lives, they live under a cloud-frustrated, discouraged, and angry.
Ecc 5:18 Even so, I have noticed one thing, at least, that is good. It is good for people to eat well, drink a good glass of wine, and enjoy their work-whatever they do under the sun-for however long God lets them live.
Ecc 5:19 And it is a good thing to receive wealth from God and the good health to enjoy it. To enjoy your work and accept your lot in life-that is indeed a gift from God.
Ecc 5:20 People who do this rarely look with sorrow on the past, for God has given them reasons for joy.


Had a quite rough week, things just not moving so find, trying to find more business opportunity look at here and there doesn't seem have much improvement, on the other hand have some family issue it is quite daunting, but thanks to the support from friends and prayers i managed to move on.

A lot of shocking news lately,like the cyclone in Myanmar that takes up to 100,000 life, i wish i could help but at this point in time i couldn't even help myself, and i keep following the incest case that happened in Austria, a monster father locked his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl in a dungeon under his house and kept raping her and fathered her 7 children for 24yrs! how could a human being do such thing? he is worse than an animal!

I tend to be very sensitive nowadays probably due to my current weary and low self esteem, just pray that all these thing will be over soon and i need more wisdom and E.Q to deal with it.

Now i just wish that i can get a work visa at least i can work part time at the same time i can concentrate on building my online business. Still exploring at this stage and hope will see more result soon. i believe once i make it through it will be a big turnaround.

Keep working baby! never say die! never give up!

G'day mate !

Haven't been blogging for ages, wasn't in the mood or being lazy? guess laziness scores 99% hahaha....

Time flies today already 1st of May, i am still waiting for a real breakthrough in life, despite there is some improvement but it is still very slow to me. Nothing much can be done, what i can do now is to do what i need to and wait for the right time to reap the harvest, just hope that it would not take long, it is quite daunting during this 'waiting' period. Well.. i just have to put my faith on HIM.

But when i look back the past 3 years,it has been a dramatic change i reckon, life hit the rock bottom, went into depression, came out of depression, met a lot of angels, life has be so blessed, now i am able to kind of start a new life in Australia, hope this is not the short term thingy, i really hoping for a new life, some people said it is greener pasture at the other side, but to me it is not quite actually, after living here for couple of months i have seen the 'actual' Australian life, they are just like us,ordinary life, what i am longing for is just a simple life, that's all i ask for. I used to admire the corporate life,climbing the corporate ladder was always been my dream especially people like me without high qualification, but after awhile i became very materialistic and never feel enough of what i have, i always want more.....

But i always believe things happen for a reason, it helped me to put a stop on this, during the 'dark ages' i was totally lost and slowly i came out of the dark and became the new me, a person who learn to take things with gratitude, i feel greatful and thankful with what happened to because it transformed me and i feel greatful with what i have now because i learn to treasure a lot of things that i didn't know how to treasure like my parents.

Even though my mum was one of the 'culprit' that caused my depression last time,but now i love her very much after i learned to understand her and where she came from, she is a nice person but just that very hostile, if try to analyse why she behaving like that, it was not totally her fault actually, i have to understand her up bringing and the problem that she went through. Well.. i thank God it is already past. Now me and my mum both of us the new person, we appreciate each other despite sometimes argument does occur. Oh Mother's day is coming, suddenly i miss her a lot, i want to tell you 'i love you mum' in chinese.

Now my resolution is to blog as often as i can.. ok.. i guess this is quite a good start for today will continue to 'update' my blog A.S.A.P

Au Revoir


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