Elisabeth Fritzl was Forced to Reenact Porn'

1 Dec 08

The charges against Josef Fritzl reveal fresh details of the ordeal he put his imprisoned daughter through, including forcing her to watch pornographic films and reenact scenes with him, the Daily Telegraph reports. Fritzl also beat and kicked his daughter, Elisabeth, whom he imprisoned for 24 years in a cellar, when she refused to co-operate, an Austrian tabloid quotes prosecutors as saying. Elisabeth's will was eventually broken and she gave up fighting, feeling her "situation was hopeless," prosecutors said. Fritzl has now been charged with murder as well as rape, incest and enslavement. When one of the seven babies he fathered with Elizabeth turned blue shortly after birth he refused to take the infant to a hospital, saying, "What must be, will be," according to prosecutors.

source from Daily Telegraph UK

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