Britney Spears in top search of Yahoo for the 7th time

Britney Spears is making a comeback after the rock bottom of her life. It seems like this time her comeback is a possible mission as she is at the top of Yahoo search for Yahoo US and Australia.

She performed her new song - Womanizer in the X-Factor UK and apparently she looks good, her body is back in shape and not with so yiaky dress. In matter of fact she looks better with decent look rather than trying to expose all parts of her body. Many people especially the celebrities thought reveals as much as possible of their body = sexy = pretty, this is absolutely wrong! many have forgotten what is "elegant"

I hope Britney will transform to a decent look, i felt sorry for her past but i hope she really learn a lesson. All of us make mistake in life but most importantly we realize and repent.

Good Luck Britney

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