Amazing Grace - beautiful voice

This is a beautiful song by a group of boys with angelic voice.


  1. This is a beutiful site.
    I wonder how the world would have been if we all on these christmast days thought a little more about eachother.
    not only on our family and friends, but also on the people that might dont have all we have. think about the people that must go in to wars, thin about the people who dondt have any food, think about the people that are sick. at leats think about our world. Remeber its your kids who are gonna live here when you die. On christmast day we should all think about everyone in every country. Pray for the people having worse then yourself.

    From: A little girl from norway 13years old.

  2. Yes, if everyone of us do our part to love others more definitely it will make a difference.

    Fr: someone who wish this world a better place to live.


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