What's Obama's impact to U.S / the World

The victory of Barack Obama as the first ever African American U.S president is not just any ordinary victory of the 'post' of President but it is the hope and revolution to the world.

Barack Obama has created a craze in the world, not only American but the world is rejoicing that he been elected as the President of the United States of America. Asian, European, Middle Eastern and the African needless to say. Obama represents the hope of the world. Obama is seen as a 'healer' for American which the country has been wounded by George W. Bush. Ever since Bush took over the relationship of America with the world has been broken. Personally i reckon the terrorist attack was aggravated by George W. Bush's Barbarian act.

Why the American elected Obama? very simple answer. People already have enough of George Bush's nonsence and hope for a change. Obama seems to be the only hope if compare with John McCain.

What is Obama's impact to the world? Countries who have bad relationship with America e.g Iran and North Korea seems to have hope to have a fair negotiation. Russia was once 'good friend' with America also turned sour. As a whole U.S is basically been torn apart by George W. Bush administration.

The success of Obama as of now is a good example to the world who plays 'race politic' one of the example is Malaysia which the top guns misuse the power by imposing ISA to anyone that they don't like, this is a very inhuman act. I saw the news lately one of the bloggers in Malaysia Raja Petra Kamaruddin was detained under ISA just because he speaks his mind ISA is a detention without trial, but was happy to read in CNN today that the court finally ordered Raja Petra to be released.

People who misuse their power at the end of the day will be trapped by their own rope.

Obama is a wake up call to the world that everything is possible.
Look at the milestone that the African American achieved, from slave they fought for their life and finally able to go to school with the white kids and now the top man of United States of America - the super power of the world which no one can deny it.

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