U.S needs a righteous leader

Personally i think U.S really need a righteous leader as everyone can see an unrighteous leader like George W. Bush can actually ruin a country, the economy jeapordized.This type of leader does thing only with their own agenda, for their own benefit not for the country. They want to show to the world they have 'power' to destruct others if others don't agree with them. This is equal to barbarian act.

Probably there are many innocent American not aware of that outside world a lot of people don't like American because of George W. Bush's act. And personally i also think that John McCain is just another George W. Bush who like to show power instead of doing things sensibly.

Somehow, for Barack Obama he shows some kind of charisma which in this presidential election which no one has. He portraits himself well, look at the debate that he had with John McCain,he shows what it takes to be a leader.

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