Update 20 Oct- Josef Fritzl locked his mother up till she died !

Read the news update lately that the Austrian incest monster Josef Fritzl not only done the inhuman thing to his own daughter Elisabeth Fritzl by locking her up in the dungeon under his Austrian home for 24yrs, he locked his own mother up in a windowless room until she died! he is a real psychopath, i just cannot imagine a human can do such a thing to their family members, even animals know how to care for their family.

This is the news from The Sun UK.

Incest dad Fritzl, 74, told a psychologist it was revenge for abuse he claims he received at her hands.

He said: “I never had any love from her. She used to beat me, hit me until I was lying in a pool of blood on the floor. I never had a kiss. I was never cuddled.”

Local council files showed Fritzl inherited the home in Amstetten, Austria in 1959 “because his mother had died”.

He locked her in an attic room where she is said to have died in 1980. No neighbours remember seeing her over the 21 years. Fritzl told Dr Adelheid Kastner: “I bricked in the window so that she never again saw the light of day.”

Twisted Fritzl later fathered seven children by daughter Elisabeth, 42, who he locked in a cellar at their home for 24 years.

Three lived upstairs with him and wife Rosemarie, 69. The others were kept with their mum.

Asked if locking up his mum had given him the idea for caging Elisabeth, Fritzl said: “To be honest I just didn’t think about it, about her being my daughter.

“I saw her as my wife and as my partner.”

Dr Kastner has prepared a report for Fritzl’s trial starting next February. She says Fritzl is not insane and recommends that he is never freed.

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