Life Is Beautiful

In life there are moments,
when you miss someone so much, that you wish you could grab them out of your dreams and hug them tight!

When a door closes,
Another one opens,
But Often we stand there so long looking at the closed door,
That we couldn't see the one that is wide opened.

Do not look at physical appearances,
They can be deceiving.
Do not look at material stuff,
For they are only temporary.

Look for someone who makes you smile.
Because sometimes it only takes a smile to brighten up a very dark day.
Look for someone who makes your heart sing.

Dream what you want to dream;
Go where you want to go;
Try to be who you really are;
Because life is short,
And often only gives once chance to do things.

I wish you a lot of luck to feel good;
Many trials to remain strong;
Some tears to remain human;
Lots of hope, to be happy.

The really lucky peple do no necessarily have the best of everything;
They are the ones who make the most of whatever life thorws at them.

The most splendid future will always depend upon the necessity to release the past;
You cannot move forward in life unless you learn from your past mistakes and move on.

When you were born you were crying,
While everybody around you was smiling.
Always live your life smiling even when other people around you are crying

Share this with someone you care
Send this to those who made an impact on you in some way or another.
who made you smile when you needed them the most;
who make you see the positive side of everything just when you've hit rock bottom;
whose friendship you value the most;

Even if you don't send it to anyone, it is alright, nothing will happen
just that you might just missed an opportuny to brighten someone's life.

Just remember;

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