Josef Fritzl wants to sell off properties to compensate the tormented family

The Austrian incest monster Josef Fritzl wants to sell off his properties in Lower Austria which comprises of 5 houses to support his tormented daughter Elisabeth Fritzl and her children as well as his wife Rosemarie Fritzl according to one of the Austrian press.

Fritzl already engaged an Viennese lawyer last month to take care of his financial affairs and his properties. All his properties are still under mortgage in total of 2.2 million euros, but the spoke person of Fritzl said after selling off the properties the amount is sufficient to pay off the mortgage and good enough to provide the family a solid income.

Fritzl also has the intention to rent out the apartment where the horror dungeon is.
Hhhhhmmmmmmm... i just doubt that who would want to rent a place like this, this house is as good as a haunted house i reckon.

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