Another Most Expected Architecture in Dubai - Atlantis Hotel

Another most expected in Dubai - the Atlantis Hotel has finally opened on the 24th Sept 2008

As usual this is a crazily luxury hotel in the 'Rich Man World'.

A lot of people will 'wow' about this type of grand architecture but...

Sometimes when we look at the comparison, some are filthy rich and some don't even have enough food, how nice if those who can afford to stay in this type of hotels can share a little bit of what they have with those who are desperately in need in those poor countries.
Places like Africa, Cambodia, Loas, Phillipines and some countries in Eastern Europe, there are plenty of little villages that are very poor, they are fighting hard to meet their ends meet.
Whatever leftover that some people wasted probably that's the meal for the whole family of those people in Africa.

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