Update Lin Hao - 林浩 Lin Hao back to school!

Ever since the earthquake happened in Sichuan 12th May, our little hero Lin Hao has been looking forward to start school again, on the 1st of Sept his dream finally came through ! Congratulations!

He started school on the 1st Sept in Norther Shanghai as a standard 3 pupil. Before the school started he and his parents met up with the headmaster to discuss how to go about with his study, this little boy really know what he wants, he had the worry that he might have problem to catch up with his English subject as the previous school that he attended hasn't started English subject yet, this school that he attending now started English class as early as standard one. He went through the text books, he told the headmaster that he has no problem with other subjects English is the only concern that he has, he was considering starting as standard 2 instead of going straight to standard 3 in order to build his foundation stronger. Initially both parties agreed with Lin Hao's proposal but before the school started Lin Hao's parents find it not really a good idea to start with standard 2 this will cause him left behind for 1 year, after the discussion Lin Hao agreed to start in standard 3. The school is very helpful, they will give extra classes to Lin Hao after school to help him on his English and also other subjects that he encouter problem. I reckon this is a good move as this little boy is very smart and determined, well.. probably a little stress for him at the moment but i believe once this 'transition period' is over he will be able to do well in his study again.

Here is the video of his first day at new school.

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