Update 28 Sept 08 - Josef Fritzl go back to the cellar for the first time

The Austrian incest monter Josef Fritzl was escorted by the a big number of police officers back to the dungeon for him to reconstruction his crimes for the first since April 08 when the incest scandal was surfaced.

According to the Austrian police Josef Fritzl has confessed to imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl when she was 18 and repeatedly raped her in the dungeon during the capture of 24yrs and also fathered her seven children.

The Austrian officials say the visit of Josef Fritzl to the dungeon partly to determine if the concrete-reinforced steel door to the dungeon could be opened from the outside as the Josef Fritzl's lawyers have claimed that Fritzl' daughter Elisabeth and her children could have left if necessary.

But investigators say the door could be sealed off with metal bars.

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