The new search engine war - IE vs Firefox vs Chrome

After one week of the launch of Google Chrome, some tech experts have done some testing on this controversial search engine.

After one week analysis it shows Chrome has captures 1% of the market share already, but it seems there are many not that positive reviews on this new guy. The major problems that reported is the bugs. Yes, the loading time is faster but i just wonder if the techies like the web developers are ready for this?

From many reviews that i gathered, most of the people still prefer to stay with Firefox, the reason why the report show Internet Explorer still shows the highest share in the market is because Internet Explorer is preloaded in the windows program and a lot of people don't know there is an alternative like Firefox or Safari.

The major problem for IE still the security side.

Well... we will wait and see after a few weeks or may be few months down the road if the results will still be the same.

Good luck Chrome

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