Mind Your Language - Season 1 to Season 3

Season 1

1 "The First Lesson" December 30, 1977
Mr. Brown becomes the new teacher of the English as a Foreign Language class, and meets his students for the first time.

Episode 2 "An Inspector Calls" January 6, 1978
An education inspector is due to arrive at the school to observe the classes, Mr. Brown mistakes him for a new student.

Episode 3 "A Fate Worse Than Death" January 13, 1978
Ranjeet asks Mr. Brown for help to escape an arranged marriage.

Episode 4 "All Through The Night" January 20, 1978
The students' English is not improving, so Mr. Brown keeps them for the night, but they get locked in after hours.

Episode 5 "The Best Things In Life" January 27, 1978
Jamila is arrested for shoplifting, but it's not her fault, because of her poor English, the stole items that she thought was "free", she asks Mr. Brown to return the items without getting caught.

Episode 6 "Come Back All Is Forgiven" February 3, 1978
Ms. Courtney declares that Mr. Brown has not been performing well and threatens to dismiss him.

Episode 7 "The Cheating Game" February 10, 1978 The students plan on cheating for a mock exam to prove their progress.

Episode 8 "Better To Have Loved and Lost" February 17, 1978 Ali and Su Li announce that they're getting married, but Mr. Brown discovers that Ali is already married and takes Su Li for his second wife.

Episode 9 "Kill Or Cure" February 24, 1978
Mr. Brown falls ill, leaving the class to the mercy of Ms. Courtney.

Episode 10 "Hello, Sailor" March 3, 1978
Juan brings his Russian sailor friend Boris to Mr. Brown's class, Boris explains to Mr. Brown why he left Russia to stay in England, it's because he has fallen head-over-heels with an english woman.

Episode 11 "A Point Of Honour" March 10, 1978 Danielle is being harassed by Mr. Jarvis, the woodwork teacher, after she tells him that she is engaged to Mr. Brown, Mr. Brown is challenged by Mr. Jarvis to a fighting ring in the gym.

Episode 12 "How's Your Father?" March 17, 1978 Mr. Brown believes that Sidney might be his father.

Episode 13 "The Examination" March 24, 1978 The students sit for their Lower Cambridge Certificate exam, but they are a little nervous.

Season 2

Episode 14 "All Present If Not Correct" October 7, 1978 In the new school year, Mr. Brown meets two new faces and ten old ones who did not pass the exam.

Episode 15 "Queen For A Day" October 14, 1978 It is announced that the Queen will be visiting the school.

Episode 16 "Brief Re-encounter" October 21, 1978 Ms. Courtney is reunited with an old boyfriend.

17 "Many Happy Returns" October 28, 1978 Ranjeet has been saving up his money to visit his mother for her birthday, but Mr. Brown loses it and the class has to work to get it back.

18 "Don't Forget The Driver" November 4, 1978 The class are excited about a school trip, but things go wrong.

19 "A Hard Day's Night" November 11, 1978 Mr. Brown's flat is being painted and he moves in with Giovanni and Max.

Episode 20 "Take Your Partners" November 18, 1978 Mr. Brown has to choose whom to take to a charity dance.

Episode 21 "After Three" November 25, 1978 The class have to prepare for the school's talent show.

Season 3

Episode 22 "I Belong To Glasgow" October 27, 1979 A new student from Glasgow joins the class and causes problems.

Episode 23 "Who Loves Ya Baby?" November 3, 1979 Danielle brings a baby to class.

Episode 24 "No Flowers By Request" November 10, 1979 Mr. Brown hurts his foot and is hospitalized.

Episode 25 "Just the Job" November 17, 1979 Mr. Brown is offered a new highly paid job at another school.

Episode 26 "Guilty Or Not Guilty?" November 24, 1979 All the students are brought to court for causing mischief in public.

Episode 27 "Repent At Leisure" December 1, 1979 Anna's au pair visa is set to expire.

Episode 28 "The School Fete" December 8, 1979 The school holds a fete. Max is held responsible for hiring an actor he knows to open the fete. Elsewhere, Mr. Brown misplaces Ms. Courtney's coat.

29 "What A Tangled Web" December 15, 1979 Ali suspects that his wife is having an affair.

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