Ferrari pit crew injured - fuel hose stucked at Massa's car - Singapore Grand Prix

A dramatic accident happened to Ferrari team during the pit stop at the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday. One Ferrari pit crew was dragged down due the the unreleasable fuel hose while filling the fuel for Felipe Massa's car, Massa was given the green light to go that caused the crew was dragged together with the fuel hose. The pit crew was sent to the medical center immediately,after the check up the team told the media the crew was OK. Thank God he is ok.

This race is really an unlucky race for Felipe Massa, first was the fuel hose incidence then the drive through penalty. After the race he told the media he is not angry with the crew and he wants to go to see the crew, because for F1 race it is actually the team work, he can't do anything without the support of the crews.

One very sad thing i saw in this incidence was the reporter was more concern about who to blame rather than care about if the crew is injured during the interview.

Pictures of the Ferrari Singapore F1 GP disaster

Video on how the fueling accident happened

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