Famous quotes from the comedy - Mind Your Language

Famous Quotes from the English comedy "Mind Your Language"
Ali Nadim (Pakistani) : “Squeeze me please!”, “Oh Blimey!”, “Jolly Good”
Giovanni Cupello (Italian) : “Santa Maria!”, “Holy Ravioli!”
Maximillian Papandrious (Greek) : “Hokay!”
Jamila Rahjha (Indian) : “God heavening!”
Ranjeet Singh (Punjabi) : “A thousand apologies.”
Chung Su-Lee (Chinese) : “The Democlatic Lepublic Of China”, “…peace-roving Chinese!”
Taro Nagazumi (Japanese) : “Ah-so”
Juan Cervantes (Spanish) : “Por favor?”,”s’awright”

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  1. Love this even today. Where can I get scripts? Sincere regards!


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