Another Elisabeth Fritzl incest case like in Poland

Saw another shocking news from CNN today, there is another Elisabeth incest case like happened in Poland.
A man accused by his daughter of holding her captive for six years and fathering her two sons was ordered held in custody by a Polish court on Monday, police said.

A 45 year old man was detained by police after his wife and the daughter that he locked for six years and fathered her 2 sons. This is another shocking news after the case of Elisabeth Fritzl's 24yrs dungeon ordeal surfaced.
A test will be conducted on the two boys to determine if this 45 year old man is their father and will decide if to bring formal charges of forcible incest according to the regional spokesman Jacek.

This man will be detained for three months during the investigation and the detention period could be extended if required by the court.

The victim daughter who is only 21 year old now told the plice that her father had repeatedly raped her during her captive in the room that without door handles for six years and her mother corroborated the story, the national police spokeman Mariusz Sokolowski said.

But her case is slightly different from Elisabeth Fritzl as she was let out occasionally including for the birth of her 2 sons in hospital.

She gave birth to her first baby in February 2005 in Wroclaw and the second baby was in January 2007 in Siemiatycze,where the family had moved. At this 2 occasions she also accompanied by her father and was forced to give to children up for adpotion.

A paternity tests will be conducted on these two boys once they complete the search on the hospital that placed them for adoption.

Police refused to reveal further information on why the mother and daughter didn't bring forth this case earlier.

A lot of questions in this case need to be asked but at this moment the woman is very emotional about her ordeal, this makes the questioning difficult to proceed further.

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