update on Lin Hao 27 Aug 2008 - Lin Hao:" I don't want to be interviewed, leave me alone!"

After Lin Hao appeared in the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, a lot of people concern about the scar on Lin Hao's head. Yesterday, the journalists flocked into the hospital that Lin Hao did his hair transplant two months ago, Lin Hao was upset by the 'overwhelmed concerns' and lashed out " i don't want to be interviewed!"
Yesterday afternoon Lin Hao was accompanied by his dad to the hospital. After the examination the doctor told the media after 3 months the new hair will be able to cover the scar, the progress is very good. Before that, Lin Hao brought the shirt that he wore with Yao Ming's signature during the Olympic Opening Ceremony to show the medical staffs, he told them the exciting moment when he walked into the Bird Nest and Yao Ming gave him two badges and the story that what Yao Ming wrote on his shirt and he wasn't willing to take it off. At this moment, a lot of questions raised by the journalists and little Lin Hao started to get annoyed "Lin Hao, show me the shirt that with Yao Ming's signature".. " Lin Hao, smile." .." " Lin Hao, come over here"..... " I don't want to be interviewed, leave me alone!" suddenly little Lin Hao wanted to kick the journalist near him and ran to the doctor's arm and threw the cusion on the media who tried to approach him. "Right after the opening ceremony, my son never get good rest, everyday there are people come to us for interview or advertisement" Lin Hao's dad lectured him at the same time told the journalist, the boy told him before that he doesn't want to appear in the public any more, he wants to go to school with peace. At this moment there are a lot of companies would want to sponsor Lin Hao to study and also there are some companies offer Lin Hao's parents job opportuniy in Shanghai. There is an offer from a private school to let Lin Hao study for free. " Everyday we have a lot of social activities and invitations here and there, it is very difficult to decide on our direction and our life." Lin Hao's dad is worried about Lin Hao's future as the busy social activities schedule might distract his study." I just wish that he could live a normal life, do well in his study and with good health, that's all i ask for". After the plead from Lin Hao's dad all the journalists turned silent.

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