Shocking exit of Liu Xiang 刘翔 - Olympics heat 110 hurdles

Today is a devastating day for the supporters of Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang pulled out of the game during the first heat of the 110 hurdles, he was in great pain, from the image before the race started while warming up can see very obviously that he wasn't in 'good condition', can see that he was trying to overcome some pain.

Liu Xiang, i really respect you, you still didn't give up inspite of the great pain, you still try, i know you have given your best, i am proud of you.

For those who are selfish and not understanding started to say something nasty on the forum and made a lot of terrible remarks on him, what a shame! these people only know how to look at the pride and the gold medal, do they really care how much effort that Liu Xiang put in all these while? the pains that he endured even until the very last moment? and i know his heart is more broken then any of us who loves him. His spirit is high he didn't want to let himself, the country and all the people who loves him, but his body let him down! no one can comprehend how painful it is for him not only his ankle but his heart.

I just pray that all those people out there will have a genuine heart to support him and help him to get out of this trauma. May the Lord be with him and give grace to those people who tries to blame him.

Liu Xiang, i pray that you will have speedy recovery and a total recovery. We can still wait for you the next Olympics, never too late. Keep up the good work!

Friends, please uphold Liu Xiang in prayer and also for his salvation. In Jesus' name. Amen

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