China team little flag carrier next to Yao Ming - Lin Hao - Sichuan little hero

I understand that a lot of people been searching for more information about the little hero Lin Hao but too bad mostly are in Chinese, as i mentioned in me previous post that i am a big fan of this little cute hero, i searched many sites and found some additional information that is not reported in the news paper if not mistaken. Ok let me share with all of you.

- Ever since he become famous he doesn't really enjoy the 'celebrity' life, one of the wish that he has is hoping the journalists will stay away from him.. hahhahah...

- After being interviewed for many times, there was one journalist asked him if he can tell her how he rescued his friends, he replied:"i already told the same story for 50 times" (poor boy.. haha..)

- There was one very emotional moment for him, one journalist was trying hard to get him to repeat the story and tried to 'bribe' him with sweet, the journalist told him if he tells the story she will give her sweet, and Lin Hao was upset and cried and said :" Do you think i rescue people because of sweet?" he felt very sad. The journalist immediately apologise to him and tried very hard to console him, it took awhile for him to calm down.

- Do you know what is his biggest wish? he told the tv host his wish is to have his hair grow faster ( the scar on his head which still very obvious during the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony)

Just to elaborate further on the video at my previous post (for those who doesn't understand chinese) after reunited with his father they went back to their village, he felt very low because he missed going to school and when the journalist ask him what is his ambition he said he wants to be an architect when he grow up then he can build the earthquake proof houses for the victims. At the last time you all can see the journalist showed a bag of peanuts, it was actually from Lin Hao, he quietly 'steal' from the house and without anyone knowing he put the peanuts into the journalist's car and asked the journalist to give to those uncles aunties who are helping in the Sichuan earthquake relief (my heart melt when i saw this) he always think of others.

After he became superstar he got a lot of toys and stationaries, he gave out all to the quake victim on his own will.

I have some more stories about Lin Hao and if i have more i will try to post as soon as i can.

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