Little Sichuan Hero - Lin Hao 林浩

For those who watched the China Olympic 2008 opening ceremony will notice there was a little boy who walked beside Yao Ming and carried 2 little flags and wonder who is he. He is a 9 years old brave boy, a little hero whose has a very very big heart. During the Sichuan Earthquake he was trapped under the rubble and managed to came out on its own, instead of going to a safer place he went back to the rubbles and carried 2 of his classmates out of the rubbles inspite of the injury on his head. And he also sang song to calm the crying girl who was then trapped inside too. He then walked 7hrs to a safer place with his 14yrs old sister, at that time all the bridges already badly damaged, he got to go through the road with bad condition, then they walk another 2 days to the city to seek for medical treatment. he had injury on his head (which can be clearly seen during the Olympic opening ceremony) he was hungry and in pain and tired.

Thank God that he found his parents after 1week+

I find him very inspirational. He was so calm and mature. When the journalist asked him why he wanted to save the classmates, he replied " i am the class monitor, if the class without students, what is this class monitor for?"

He is from a poor family, both of his parents were away working, he lived with his grandparents. Every morning little Lin Hao prepared his own breakfast before leaving for school he can actually cook! he made egg fried rice (which i thing a lot of adult can't even cook) but it is sad to know that the grandpa who loves him the most died one week after the earthquake due to cancer.

He loves school, over one tv program in china he asked the audience to donate the money to build a school so that all the kids can go back to school.

Interview with Little Lin Hao 林浩

What to know a little more about Lin Hao click here


  1. What can I say! Here's one amazing little boy. He's trapped under rubble and yet he manages, despite being injured himself, to get two other unconscious kids out and carry them to the headmaster. Where he got the strength to do this I can't imagine although it is surprising what you can do in desperate situations. He is the kind of lad anyone, including myself, would be proud to have as a son and I can only wish him happiness and good fortune in the future.

  2. Through one of the interview with his family, his dad told the host that he wasn't surprise to hear that his son saved others, because Lin Hao has been very independent since he was very young, he started to make fried rice for himself at the age of 6yrs old! how many kids at this age can take care of themselves nowadays?


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