Little Lin Hao keep up with Yao Ming very tiring 林浩:跟姚明步伐最累 Lin Hao est très fatigué pour continuer yao ming

Lin Hao est très fatigué pour continuer yao ming

Little Lin Hao had problem keeping up with the pace of Yao Ming during the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. He told the journalist after the parade.

When the journalist asked him after walked one big round with the Chinese team at the stadium how did he feel after that? he gave a cheeky response " fainted" (he was very tired and slept soundly) hahahha.. and the journalist also ask if he will go to watch any match and who he wish can get gold medal, he told the journalist that he wasn't sure which game he will watch and he wish all the Chinese can win gold.

After he slept for few short hours he had to get up early to catch the flight to Shanghai.

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