Lin Hao : Don't like to be interviewed

Found this news about little Lin Hao i made a brief translation from this post.

"The little hero that touches the heart of China" Lin Hao attended the 2008 Shanghai Book Fair Opening ceremony on the 13th, become the most prominent VIP and the center of attraction to the media.

Brave Lin Hao, with tan skin, dressed with casual sports wear and Li Ning brand white cap. the facial expression just like before ver peaceful and serious. He donated a set of special packaging comic <> to the Sichuan quake zone. This set of book is he personally chosed from the book fair "House of Books with Love", he seriously wrote down a note on the cover of the book " to the children of Sichuan. from Lin Hao"

At the book fair a lot of people couldn't mention his name but could recognie "the little boy who stood next to Yao Ming" during the Olympic Opening Ceremony". everyone was trying to take photo with him.

Recently Lin Hao's schedule is busier than the celebrities. after the Olympic opening ceremony he was in Beijing recorded some tv programs, 11st he flew to Shanghai to record a tv entertainment dinner program, then on the 13th he went to Shanghai book fair as VIP guest.

"Lin Hao, come here." " Lin Hao, look at the Fu Wah" This mature little boy has dominated many children, he showed the unwillingness when controlled by the adults.

"Lin Hao doesn't like to be interviewed." with the sudden overwhelming fame that they get, they feel thankful at the same time they also felt restless because they worried that the fame might distract Lin Hao's study.

Before this, Lin Hao and his parents already accepted the offer by one primary school in Northen Shanghai to let Lin Hao study for free. Despite the tight interviews and tv program schedules they squeezed in time to visit the school that Lin Hao is going to settle in.

To his mother's eyes, this little hero is a mature good child, he likes to read comic, to learn, especially mathematics. She added, the reason why Lin Hao is so brave and mature it was because both parents are away from home to make livings for the family, left him and his sister at home. " at the age of 7 he already can do his own cooking and fry some vegetables, he can take care of himself well."

" After the earthquake, Lin Hao never mention to us about his heroic story. only once, i asked him, what will happen if you lose your life while rescuing others?" Lin Hao replied courageously " its ok to die, the you just give birth to another little brother!"

Lin Hao's parents indicated, lately, things that Lin Hao misses the most other than Olympic opening ceremony is going to school. They wish Lin Hao can go back to school and study peacefully not to be distracted by the social activities. No matter how, for a little kid who comes from a small village, to change the faith or life the most important thing is to do well in study.

May be, for those who sincerely love this only 9yrs old with height of 1.18m little hero a normal life, let him equip himself with more knowledge and wisdom on top of his inner natural strength and courages, give him more space for him to grow physically and mentally.

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