Elizabeth Fritzl update 22 Aug - refused to take new identity

Elizabeth Fritzl rejected the offer by the government to issue new identity for her family.

She would probably just change the Surname to start her new life after she leaves the clinic in this coming December after her father's trial. They will be moving to a place about an hour from the dungeon house where she was locked for 24 years.

She has been trying very hard to help her children to live a normal life. She teaches her children how to play as Stefan and Kerstin has never gone out of the dungeon all of their life until this incest case surfaced in Apr 08.


  1. I think of poor Elisabeth and her children often and can't imagine what dispair their lives must have been in, as well as what the children must have been forced to witness throughout those years.

    I hope at some point they come forward and give us an update on their lives so we know how they are progressing.

    This is one of the saddest stories I've ever heard and they are on my mind, and I'm hoping that at some point they can build some sort of normalcy. God bless them.


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