Lin Hao - Un enfant rescapé du séisme du Sichuan avec le porte-drapeau chinois

Un enfant de neuf ans rescapé du séisme meurtrier du Sichuan (sud-ouest de la Chine), intervenu en mai dernier, a défilé au côté du porte-drapeau de la délégation chinoise Yao Ming, vendredi lors de la cérémonie d'ouverture des jeux Olympiques de Pékin.

Le petit Lin Hao, élève d'une école primaire, était ressorti vivant du séisme qui a fait quelque 90.000 victimes (morts et disparus) en mai dernier. Les organisateurs avaient indiqué précédemment qu'un hommage serait rendu aux victimes du séisme lors de la cérémonie d'ouverture des JO, sans en donner les détails.

Le géant et l'enfant
Au côté du "géant" Yao Ming, 2,29 m, veste rouge et chemise jaune, le petit garçon, originaire du district de Wenchuan, l'épicentre du séisme, portait deux drapeaux, un chinois et un olympique, dans chaque main. Lorsque son image était projetée sur les écrans géants, la foule a repris le slogan "Jiayou! Jiayou!" (Allez! Allez!). Les milliers de spectateurs ont agité des drapeaux chinois. Selon l'agence officielle Chine Nouvelle, lors du séisme le 12 mai, Lin Hao a eu un comportement héroïque, risquant sa vie et se blessant pour secourir ses camarades.

Apple iphone latest setback - security flaw

A SECURITY flaw in Apple's iPhone allows unauthorised users to gain easy access to private contacts and emails even when the device is locked, but the company said a fix is on the way.

Popular technology blog Gizmodo and an online forum run by the Mac Rumors site showed that it took only three taps to gain access to locked iPhones, which run the latest 2.02 iPhone software.

A spokeswoman said Apple was aware of the problem and was readying a software update to fix it. In the meantime, she recommended users set the iPhone's "Home" button to open up the phone's iPod music collection rather than its "Favorites" menu.

The spokeswoman did not say when the software update would be made available.

The flaw may be seen as a setback in Apple's ambitious plans to compete against Research In Motion, whose BlackBerry smartphone has become a standard issue device in corporate businesses around the globe.

Earlier in August, technology research firm Gartner issued a report that said iPhone's software had met Gartner's minimum requirements for business support, although some issues persisted. The author of the report, Ken Dulaney, was not immediately available for comment.

Last week, Apple released a software update for the iPhone that reportedly helped fix problems connecting to faster third-generation (3G) wireless networks after receiving a flurry of online complaints from customers around the world.

Apple, which started selling the new 3G iPhone on July 11, has said it expected to sell 10 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Source from

Lin Hao speaks English to say thank you to the English media

An english media interviewed Yao Ming with Lin Hao in his arm during the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, and my beloved Lin Hao was so cute at the end of the interview when the reporter said thanks to him he replied in english "Thank You".

Oh my goodness this boy made me a ' Lin Hao Mania' ahahhahaha......

Love him love him love him

It is actually quite confusing for me because on one hand i would like to see more news or updates about Lin Hao but on the other hand i wish he could have a peaceful life just like any other children to go to school and do what a child should do, live a normal and happy life, and this is his will too.

How to make good Cappuccino

Cappuccino is one of the most popular milk base espresso coffee, for those who has their espresso maker or coffee maker can get some idea on how to make a good cup of cappuccino according to your own liking. How to make good cappuccino

update on Lin Hao 27 Aug 2008 - Lin Hao:" I don't want to be interviewed, leave me alone!"

After Lin Hao appeared in the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony, a lot of people concern about the scar on Lin Hao's head. Yesterday, the journalists flocked into the hospital that Lin Hao did his hair transplant two months ago, Lin Hao was upset by the 'overwhelmed concerns' and lashed out " i don't want to be interviewed!"
Yesterday afternoon Lin Hao was accompanied by his dad to the hospital. After the examination the doctor told the media after 3 months the new hair will be able to cover the scar, the progress is very good. Before that, Lin Hao brought the shirt that he wore with Yao Ming's signature during the Olympic Opening Ceremony to show the medical staffs, he told them the exciting moment when he walked into the Bird Nest and Yao Ming gave him two badges and the story that what Yao Ming wrote on his shirt and he wasn't willing to take it off. At this moment, a lot of questions raised by the journalists and little Lin Hao started to get annoyed "Lin Hao, show me the shirt that with Yao Ming's signature".. " Lin Hao, smile." .." " Lin Hao, come over here"..... " I don't want to be interviewed, leave me alone!" suddenly little Lin Hao wanted to kick the journalist near him and ran to the doctor's arm and threw the cusion on the media who tried to approach him. "Right after the opening ceremony, my son never get good rest, everyday there are people come to us for interview or advertisement" Lin Hao's dad lectured him at the same time told the journalist, the boy told him before that he doesn't want to appear in the public any more, he wants to go to school with peace. At this moment there are a lot of companies would want to sponsor Lin Hao to study and also there are some companies offer Lin Hao's parents job opportuniy in Shanghai. There is an offer from a private school to let Lin Hao study for free. " Everyday we have a lot of social activities and invitations here and there, it is very difficult to decide on our direction and our life." Lin Hao's dad is worried about Lin Hao's future as the busy social activities schedule might distract his study." I just wish that he could live a normal life, do well in his study and with good health, that's all i ask for". After the plead from Lin Hao's dad all the journalists turned silent.

update on Lin Hao 27 Aug 2008 - 林浩 : 我不接受采访,我要安静!







□记 者 |吴迪迪|□实习生|葛 菁|报道

How do the kids of The Sound of Music look like now after 40 years?

~ The 7 Children In "The Sound of Music" - After 40 Years ~

"The Sound of Music" is a 1965 film.

It won the Academy Award for Best Picture of 1965

and is one of the most popular musicals ever produced.

Still remember the 7 children of the Trapp family?

They were having a reunion after 40 years
and all were looking healthy and amazingly well.....

more Apple 3G iphone user reviews

Apple 3G iphone has become a craze when it was lauched in July. Let's see what people's view on this gadget.

If you have your view on this 3G iphone you can also share it here

Review from the Cnet expert Kent German and Donald Bell

Lin Hao had his hair transplant done

Little Lin Hao had successfully transplanted hair onto the injured part on his head when his rescued his friends during the Sichuan Earthquake. The scar will disappear once the hair is grown, this hair growing process will take about 6 mths. To get the hair to grow back is his biggest wish. According to Lin Hao's father, he is getting more and more particular about his hair.

This is an appreciation gesture that offered by the hospital for little Lin Hao's heroic act.

Interview Lin Hao and his dad

Interview with Lin Hao and Lin Hao's dad after they reunited.

Smiling little Lin Hao

Photo of smiling little Lin Hao the Sichuan little hero

Lin Hao in Children Centre.

Lin Hao was placed in the Sichuan children centre.

Look at this little warrior, he brings a lot of joy to the centre and he was like the sunshine and he paid full attention in the classroom.

Why the flag that Lin Hao carried upside down? 林浩奧運開幕式上出現五星旗倒置

A lot of people found that the Chinese flag carried by the Sichuan little hero Lin Hao during the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony was a mistake or a disgrace to the Chinese nation but there is a 'purpose' for it. The upside down of the flag represents the remembrance of the victims of the Sichuan Earthquake.

Read more about Lin Hao here

刘翔 Liu Xiang's update 23 Aug - Liu Xiang's injury is healable!

An announcement made by the top official of Chinese athletics that Liu Xiang's injury is healable.

The head coach of Chinese track & field team said Liu Xiang's pain has eased and the medical expert said Liu Xiang's current injury is healable and will not affect his career.

And the long jump turned official also confident that after the recuperation Liu Xiang will definitely back to training as soon as possible and the injury will not prevent him from improving his result.

He was awarded the 2008 Coca-Cola "Live Positively Award" in the Olympic Green.

Liu Xiang is only 25 years old now still can compete in London Olympics in 2012.

Liu Xiang promised to come back stronger and faster result for next year World Championships and 2010 London Olympics.

I know you will Liu Xiang ! Jia yew !

Little Lin Hao keep up with Yao Ming very tiring 林浩:跟姚明步伐最累 Lin Hao est très fatigué pour continuer yao ming

Lin Hao est très fatigué pour continuer yao ming

Little Lin Hao had problem keeping up with the pace of Yao Ming during the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony. He told the journalist after the parade.

When the journalist asked him after walked one big round with the Chinese team at the stadium how did he feel after that? he gave a cheeky response " fainted" (he was very tired and slept soundly) hahahha.. and the journalist also ask if he will go to watch any match and who he wish can get gold medal, he told the journalist that he wasn't sure which game he will watch and he wish all the Chinese can win gold.

After he slept for few short hours he had to get up early to catch the flight to Shanghai.

New update on Liu Xiang 刘翔 - 22 Aug 08

Liu Xiang vows to bounce back in next year Berlin's World Championships and 2012 London Olympics according to xinhuanet.

By Sportswriters Wang Zijiang and Xiao Chunfei

BEIJING, Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- Liu Xiang, who saw his Olympic champion taken away by Cuban Dayron Robles on Thursday, has vowed that he will come back stronger in next year's world championships and even the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Liu, China's most famous sports star and 2004 Olympic 110m hurdles champion, withdrew with an injury from his qualifying heat, to the surprise of all the Chinese fans.

"I am not upset after watching the final race (which Robles won). On the contrary, I felt the desire for victory burning. I am still young. I have the potential. I can fight on against him (Robles)," Liu said in his Friday's column on Liberation Daily.

Liu is still staying in Beijing and he said that he is being treated with traditional Chinese medicine.

"I will return to Shanghai and wait for my injury to heal completely. And then I will resume training. I believe I will win.

"I cannot appear in the Bird's Nest at the Olympic Games, but I believe that I will appear on the tracks of next year's world championships and even the London Olympic Games," he said.

Liu, who watched Thursday night's final on TV in his Beijing hotel room, said Roble's winning time of 12.93 seconds was "very good" considering the wet conditions.

"I had expected David Oliver would have brought some challenge to him, but Robles was really in great form. Normally if he has taken the lead, it's hard for anybody to catch up," he said.

Liu won the gold in the Athens Olympics in a world record-tying time of 12.91 seconds. He went on to break the world record in 2007 in 12.88. Robles then improved the mark to 12.87 last June. On a track where Usain Bolt broke the men's 100m and 200m world records, Robles' winning is not impressive.

"The track is very slippery after the rain on Thursday morning. It was not easy to clock such a time, which proved he was in good form."

Liu, who beat the Cuban at last year's world championships in Osaka, Japan, said he is not sure if a healthy Liu can beat Robles in the Bird's Nest National Stadium.

"If I were there on Thursday, I still couldn't predict the result (of the final). As long as an athlete has tried his best, he or she will have no regrets," Liu said.

The Liberation Daily has bought the exclusive right to run the columns of Liu Xiang and his coach Sun Haiping during the Games time, according to a reporter with the Shanghai-based newspaper.

Lightning Bolt ! - Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt from Jamaica has dominated the 2008 Beijing Olympics track & field with his lightning fast speed. 3 races, 3 golds with 3 world records! that is real sensational! he is only 22 years of age, there are still a lot more to come for his career.
He is very patriotic, despite being offered a lucrative by the US he still choose to stay in his own homeland to excel. He started as a cricketer during high school, his cricket coach discovered his talent in athlete and asked him to try on track and field event, that's how he started his adventure in sprint.

Sichuan Earthquake Survivor /hero Lin Hao's family photo 林浩

Found this picture of Lin Hao and his family.

Look at this little cute naughty boy, he is so adorable. haha

Elizabeth Fritzl update 22 Aug - refused to take new identity

Elizabeth Fritzl rejected the offer by the government to issue new identity for her family.

She would probably just change the Surname to start her new life after she leaves the clinic in this coming December after her father's trial. They will be moving to a place about an hour from the dungeon house where she was locked for 24 years.

She has been trying very hard to help her children to live a normal life. She teaches her children how to play as Stefan and Kerstin has never gone out of the dungeon all of their life until this incest case surfaced in Apr 08.

Liu Xiang's Sacrifices behind the fame 刘翔的牺牲

Liu Xiang has been and icon for China since his victory in 2004 Athens Olympics, but how many people really know the sacrifices that this young man made through out these years? found this article from The New York Times.

When in Shanghai, Liu’s life is far different from the glamorous one portrayed in his billboard ads and television commercials. Government sports officials negotiate his endorsements and, according to his father, take half the earnings. His parents oversee Liu’s half of the pot, and if he indulges himself, he does so inconspicuously. He bought an apartment in his old Shanghai neighborhood, but renovations are still underway. His family lives in a suburban apartment provided by the government as a reward for his Athens gold medal. Liu lives with them on weekends and spends his weekdays inside Shanghai’s top sports training center. On weekends, his coach is not far away; he owns an apartment in the same complex. They can literally see each other through their windows.

“I go home, and I go to the training facility,” Liu said, describing his routine. “Two places. And those two places are the safest for me.”

In China, he is almost always accompanied by coaches or officials. Though he endorses Cadillac, he cannot drive — he has not been permitted to get a license. His isolation is a product of the sports system but also a symptom of his celebrity. In Shanghai, at least five daily newspapers and one television station have assigned reporters to cover him. He likes eating Japanese food and shopping, at least when he is abroad. He has a taste for designer clothes. “He is always very happy to travel abroad,” says Feng Shuyong, the amiable head coach of China’s track team. “There are fewer people who know him. He can go shopping. He likes shopping.”

He loves to sing karaoke. (“I know all the Chinese songs,” he told us.) But when he goes out, his coaches sneak him into a club and later shuttle him out a back door. He keeps in touch with friends by e-mail or text message. “He wants to be normal,” Feng says. “Sometimes, I think: He is a young man. He wants to do many things, but he cannot. I feel sorry for him. Many times he is alone in his room, chatting on the Internet with friends.

“But at the same time,” Feng adds, “I appreciate that he has targeted the Olympic Games. For this target, he has sacrificed so many things.”

Our day in Liu Xiang’s life ended with one telling observation: he was favoring his right hamstring. The next day he flew to New York for the Reebok Grand Prix, posing for photographs atop the Empire State Building, but he dropped out of the meet, citing the injury. He then traveled to Eugene, Ore., to run in the Prefontaine Classic, the biggest track meet in the United States and an event sponsored by Nike. He said the hamstring was fine. But he was disqualified on a false start.

Then, on June 12, Dayron Robles exploded out of the blocks at the Golden Spike competition in the Czech Republic. Robles, a Cuban, is considered the most physically gifted hurdler alive, exactly the type of athlete amplified in the Chinese imagination. He ripped over the hurdles in a shocking 12.87 seconds. Liu’s world record was history. Robles was still breathing heavily, exultant, when a television reporter pressed forward with a question: Can you beat Liu Xiang in the Olympics? “We will see,” was Robles’s answer.

In Beijing, Liu was gracious and offered congratulations. He and Robles are friendly rivals. But only 57 days remained until the Olympics, and Liu Xiang was suddenly an underdog.

Twelve men have run the 110-meter hurdles in less than 13 seconds. Only two, Liu and Robles, have dipped below 12.90 seconds.

The hurdles lack the sex appeal of the 100-meter dash, but the event is a premier Olympic attraction because of its combination of speed, power and grace — and its potential for calamity.

The best hurdlers need about 38 steps to leave the blocks, navigate 10 hurdles and reach the finish line 110 meters away. To watch a race is to suffer the illusion that you are seeing men running at top speed while jumping at the same time. You are really seeing them attempt to solve a complex physics equation without crashing.

“In hurdles, you never actually get to maximum speed,” says Curtis Frye, one of the top hurdling coaches in the United States. “Every time you get near it, you’ve got to jump in the air. It’s not as much about speed as it is about mechanics.”

World Record hurdler Liu Xiang can sing!

These two days too many sad news about Liu Xiang's Olympics pulled out, lets cheer up and move on to see the merits of this legend.

Probably this is not something new to a lot of people but this is something very new to me. I just discovered this world Record holder for men 110m hurdle - Liu Xiang has a good voice! well that is for my standard, probably for people who has got higher expectation might not agree with me. It's ok i just enjoy his voice even though he didn't sing much in this video.

Shocking exit of Liu Xiang 刘翔 - Olympics heat 110 hurdles

Today is a devastating day for the supporters of Liu Xiang. Liu Xiang pulled out of the game during the first heat of the 110 hurdles, he was in great pain, from the image before the race started while warming up can see very obviously that he wasn't in 'good condition', can see that he was trying to overcome some pain.

Liu Xiang, i really respect you, you still didn't give up inspite of the great pain, you still try, i know you have given your best, i am proud of you.

For those who are selfish and not understanding started to say something nasty on the forum and made a lot of terrible remarks on him, what a shame! these people only know how to look at the pride and the gold medal, do they really care how much effort that Liu Xiang put in all these while? the pains that he endured even until the very last moment? and i know his heart is more broken then any of us who loves him. His spirit is high he didn't want to let himself, the country and all the people who loves him, but his body let him down! no one can comprehend how painful it is for him not only his ankle but his heart.

I just pray that all those people out there will have a genuine heart to support him and help him to get out of this trauma. May the Lord be with him and give grace to those people who tries to blame him.

Liu Xiang, i pray that you will have speedy recovery and a total recovery. We can still wait for you the next Olympics, never too late. Keep up the good work!

Friends, please uphold Liu Xiang in prayer and also for his salvation. In Jesus' name. Amen

Lin Hao : Don't like to be interviewed

Found this news about little Lin Hao i made a brief translation from this post.

"The little hero that touches the heart of China" Lin Hao attended the 2008 Shanghai Book Fair Opening ceremony on the 13th, become the most prominent VIP and the center of attraction to the media.

Brave Lin Hao, with tan skin, dressed with casual sports wear and Li Ning brand white cap. the facial expression just like before ver peaceful and serious. He donated a set of special packaging comic <> to the Sichuan quake zone. This set of book is he personally chosed from the book fair "House of Books with Love", he seriously wrote down a note on the cover of the book " to the children of Sichuan. from Lin Hao"

At the book fair a lot of people couldn't mention his name but could recognie "the little boy who stood next to Yao Ming" during the Olympic Opening Ceremony". everyone was trying to take photo with him.

Recently Lin Hao's schedule is busier than the celebrities. after the Olympic opening ceremony he was in Beijing recorded some tv programs, 11st he flew to Shanghai to record a tv entertainment dinner program, then on the 13th he went to Shanghai book fair as VIP guest.

"Lin Hao, come here." " Lin Hao, look at the Fu Wah" This mature little boy has dominated many children, he showed the unwillingness when controlled by the adults.

"Lin Hao doesn't like to be interviewed." with the sudden overwhelming fame that they get, they feel thankful at the same time they also felt restless because they worried that the fame might distract Lin Hao's study.

Before this, Lin Hao and his parents already accepted the offer by one primary school in Northen Shanghai to let Lin Hao study for free. Despite the tight interviews and tv program schedules they squeezed in time to visit the school that Lin Hao is going to settle in.

To his mother's eyes, this little hero is a mature good child, he likes to read comic, to learn, especially mathematics. She added, the reason why Lin Hao is so brave and mature it was because both parents are away from home to make livings for the family, left him and his sister at home. " at the age of 7 he already can do his own cooking and fry some vegetables, he can take care of himself well."

" After the earthquake, Lin Hao never mention to us about his heroic story. only once, i asked him, what will happen if you lose your life while rescuing others?" Lin Hao replied courageously " its ok to die, the you just give birth to another little brother!"

Lin Hao's parents indicated, lately, things that Lin Hao misses the most other than Olympic opening ceremony is going to school. They wish Lin Hao can go back to school and study peacefully not to be distracted by the social activities. No matter how, for a little kid who comes from a small village, to change the faith or life the most important thing is to do well in study.

May be, for those who sincerely love this only 9yrs old with height of 1.18m little hero a normal life, let him equip himself with more knowledge and wisdom on top of his inner natural strength and courages, give him more space for him to grow physically and mentally.


   虎头虎脑的林浩,皮肤微黑,一身休闲运动装打扮,头戴白色李宁牌帽子,表情一如既往地显得很平静,也很严肃。他向四川灾区捐赠了一套装帧精致的《家有儿 女》图书。这套书是他自己从书展的“爱心书屋”里选出来的,他还认真地在书的封套上写下了“送给四川的小朋友。还书人林浩”(原文如此)。

Source from Xinhuanet

China team little flag carrier next to Yao Ming - Lin Hao - Sichuan little hero

I understand that a lot of people been searching for more information about the little hero Lin Hao but too bad mostly are in Chinese, as i mentioned in me previous post that i am a big fan of this little cute hero, i searched many sites and found some additional information that is not reported in the news paper if not mistaken. Ok let me share with all of you.

- Ever since he become famous he doesn't really enjoy the 'celebrity' life, one of the wish that he has is hoping the journalists will stay away from him.. hahhahah...

- After being interviewed for many times, there was one journalist asked him if he can tell her how he rescued his friends, he replied:"i already told the same story for 50 times" (poor boy.. haha..)

- There was one very emotional moment for him, one journalist was trying hard to get him to repeat the story and tried to 'bribe' him with sweet, the journalist told him if he tells the story she will give her sweet, and Lin Hao was upset and cried and said :" Do you think i rescue people because of sweet?" he felt very sad. The journalist immediately apologise to him and tried very hard to console him, it took awhile for him to calm down.

- Do you know what is his biggest wish? he told the tv host his wish is to have his hair grow faster ( the scar on his head which still very obvious during the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony)

Just to elaborate further on the video at my previous post (for those who doesn't understand chinese) after reunited with his father they went back to their village, he felt very low because he missed going to school and when the journalist ask him what is his ambition he said he wants to be an architect when he grow up then he can build the earthquake proof houses for the victims. At the last time you all can see the journalist showed a bag of peanuts, it was actually from Lin Hao, he quietly 'steal' from the house and without anyone knowing he put the peanuts into the journalist's car and asked the journalist to give to those uncles aunties who are helping in the Sichuan earthquake relief (my heart melt when i saw this) he always think of others.

After he became superstar he got a lot of toys and stationaries, he gave out all to the quake victim on his own will.

I have some more stories about Lin Hao and if i have more i will try to post as soon as i can.

Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony DVD is available

The stunning sensational Beijing Olympics 2008 Opening Ceremony had captured millions of hearts, those who have watched the Opening ceremony would like to watch it again i strongly believe, i am one of them. Especially now i become the fan of the Sichuan little hero Lin Hao, like to see his cute face again.

Thank God the DVD is out now i can watch over and over again hehe..(blush)

The packaging of the DVD looks like this

Now is available here

Little Sichuan Hero - Lin Hao 林浩

For those who watched the China Olympic 2008 opening ceremony will notice there was a little boy who walked beside Yao Ming and carried 2 little flags and wonder who is he. He is a 9 years old brave boy, a little hero whose has a very very big heart. During the Sichuan Earthquake he was trapped under the rubble and managed to came out on its own, instead of going to a safer place he went back to the rubbles and carried 2 of his classmates out of the rubbles inspite of the injury on his head. And he also sang song to calm the crying girl who was then trapped inside too. He then walked 7hrs to a safer place with his 14yrs old sister, at that time all the bridges already badly damaged, he got to go through the road with bad condition, then they walk another 2 days to the city to seek for medical treatment. he had injury on his head (which can be clearly seen during the Olympic opening ceremony) he was hungry and in pain and tired.

Thank God that he found his parents after 1week+

I find him very inspirational. He was so calm and mature. When the journalist asked him why he wanted to save the classmates, he replied " i am the class monitor, if the class without students, what is this class monitor for?"

He is from a poor family, both of his parents were away working, he lived with his grandparents. Every morning little Lin Hao prepared his own breakfast before leaving for school he can actually cook! he made egg fried rice (which i thing a lot of adult can't even cook) but it is sad to know that the grandpa who loves him the most died one week after the earthquake due to cancer.

He loves school, over one tv program in china he asked the audience to donate the money to build a school so that all the kids can go back to school.

Interview with Little Lin Hao 林浩

What to know a little more about Lin Hao click here

predictions of Juseleeno (Jucelino)

Now is already August, referred to my previous post about the prediction by Juseleeno shows that it didn't really come true, as he mentioned it will be a tsunami like disaster hits Japan.

Now let's see the next prediction come true. Hehe.... may be his prediction is like an old battery.... growing flat......

Will see will see...

Elisabeth Fritzl gives evidence against Josef Fritzl for first tim

The daughter of Josef Fritzl, the Austrian incest offender, has given evidence against her father to court authorities for the first time this week.

Fritzl, 73, a retired engineer, incarcerated and sexually abused his daughter Elisabeth, 42, in a purpose-built concrete dungeon beneath his home in the town of Amstetten for more than 24 years and fathered seven children with her. One of the children died shortly after birth and Fritzl burned its body in an incinerator.

The case was revealed on April 26 but doctors treating Elisabeth and her family have only now allowed the first questioning to take place, with her condition said to have dramatically improved after two months of intensive psychotherapy and medical care.

Elisabeth has now revealed details of her ordeal for the first time to Judge Andrea Hummer, who will try the case against her father. She was questioned only in the presence of the judge and her lawyer, while prosecutors and the legal representative of her father were able to ask questions via video-link from a separate room.

The hearing will continue into next week and possibly beyond that. Elisabeth's two oldest children, who spent their entire lives in the cellar, Kerstin 19, and Stefan, 18, will also be questioned by the court as soon as doctors give their approval.

Their testimonies will be recorded and presented to the court during the trial, expected to take place by November this year, in order to honour Elisabeth's demand that she and her children never be confronted with their father again.

Fritzl has given up on his right to follow the questioning of his family and even ask them questions, together with the prosecutor and his lawyer, via video-link.

His lawyer, Rudolf Mayer, said: “My client will definitely not attend the questioning.”

Details of the testimonies of Elisabeth Fritzl and her children will not be made known to the public. The trial, which will be scheduled as soon as prosecutors complete the charges after the testimonies of the family, is also expected to be closed to the public. Under Austrian law, a jury of eight will decide on whether Fritzl is guilty of the charges, and they will then confer with a panel of three judges to determine his sentence.

Fritzl selected three of the children to live upstairs with him and his wife Rosemarie, 68, while the other three were forced to live with their mother in the subterranean dungeon where they were born.

However, earlier this week it emerged that Fritzl could be facing only a ten-year prison term, as Austrian law, unlike British law, does not allow for cumulated convictions. That means even if Fritzl is found guilty of multiple crimes, he will only effectively serve one punishment, for the offence that carries the longest prison sentence.

Fritzl is facing potential charges of manslaughter for the newborn that died, as well as rape, coercion, deprivation of freedom and incest. But prosecutors told The Times that since the baby died in 1997, the manslaughter charges would be “extremely difficult” to prove. Even the rape charges, which carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison, could be impossible to probe because of a lack of forensic evidence.

It is therefore assumed that manslaughter will not be included in the charge at all, which means that the only charge that is certain to be proved in court is deprivation of freedom, a crime that can only be punished with ten years in prison under Austrian law.

Meanwhile, Elisabeth and her children Kerstin, 19, Stefan, 18, Lisa, 15, Monika, 14, Alexander 12, and Felix, five, have been returning to normal life with the help of a team of doctors and therapists. One of the daughters is said to have attended a camping excursion with her friends, while her brother Felix was being given swimming lessons by the medical staff at a pool in the hospital grounds.

Source from Time Online


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