July 08 -Doctors to allow questioning of Elisabeth Fritzl

Austrian incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl will be questioned by a public prosecutor for the first time in mid-July, after her doctors gave the green light, a spokesman for the prosecution said today.

The 42-year-old woman had been incarcerated and repeatedly raped by her father Josef for over 24 years. During her time in the dungeon below her family home in Amstetten, Elisabeth Fritzl gave birth to seven children, one of whom died shortly after birth.

A medical expert specialised in the health of newborn babies would also attend the interview, Sedlacek said, "in order to ask questions about the state of the newborn".

If judicial authorities determine that Josef Fritzl, 73, neglected to provide medical care for the dead child, he might be charged with murder, in addition to rape and illegal restraint.

Josef Fritzl remains in prison until the trial which is expected later this year.

In April, Elisabeth Fritzl and her children were freed after she convinced her tormentor to take her seriously ill daughter Kerstin to hospital.

source from smh

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