Updates on Kerstin Fritzl's recovery

Reported by Telegraph uk today that Kerstin, 19, who had spent her whole life locked in her father's cellar in Amstetten, Austria, until two months ago, smiled and said "hello" to delighted medics when she woke from a coma.

One doctor told a press conference in Austria: "She opened her eyes for the first time and showed emotional reactions on May 15. We smiled at her and she smiled back at us."

Kerstin has since been reunited with her mother Elisabeth, 42, who raised her in the cellar and she has been able to walk.

A doctor said: "This past Sunday she was transported by ambulance to another clinic. This was a very special moment as the mother was able to walk with Kerstin, the two of them literally stepping forwards into a new life."

Albert Reiter, the doctor who treated Kerstin, said she wanted to go to a Robbie Williams concert and even attempted to dance to his music in bed before her tubing was removed

Like her brothers, Felix, 5, and Stefan, 18, who were also kept in the cramped cellar, Kerstin had never seen daylight or breathed fresh air.

Doctors said her reunion with them had been "a wonderful coming together - beautiful to see".

Kerstin was unconscious and critically ill when she was admitted to hospital on April 19 and placed on a life support machine after suffering multiple organ failure.

Doctors put her in an induced coma so her body could recover.

They said her recovery was a "great relief" and there should be no major permanent damage to her system.

She is able to read and write, having been taught by her mother.

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