Update - Fritzl family and euro 2008

Got the latest update on the Fritzl family from somewhere saying that the largest newspaper in Austria Kronen Zeitung or Krone reported that the cellar family is enjoying the Euro 2008 in the Amstetten-Mauer clinic,Austria

The incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl has lived with her children and her mother Rosmarie in the clinic since she was being freed from the dungeon. Now her normal daily life is to make breakfast in the morning with the help of the clinic staff, and after that Rosemarie will play the board games with her five years old grandson Felix, while the older children are schooled by private tutors.

The family will usually rest in the afternoon but the oldest son Stefan (18) will stay on to play video game.

“Lisa, Monika, Stefan, Felix and Alexander are doing very well, considering the circumstances,” said Christoph Herbst, the family's lawyer. “The family are slowly moving towards being prepared for a normal life outside of the Mauer Clinic.”

In the meantime, relatives are allowed to visit them in the clinic, and Elisabeth's sister often comes. “She has children of a similar age, and the clinic becomes a madhouse while the children play together undisturbed for hours.”

One of the most heartwarming moments of the day is when the family gather in front of the TV to watch Euro 2008.

Now Kerstin (19) also sits among them, having recovered from a severe illness contracted during her incest ordeal. She was reunited with her family in June after weeks in a coma.

The Fritzls' Euro joy makes them almost like a normal family. The children throw themselves into celebrating for the winners, but sometimes mother Elisabeth has to put her foot down. After all, they've got school in the morning.

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