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After reading the Juseleeno Nobulega Da Roose 's disaster predictions saw this prediction from one Japanese website. Don't get me wrong, i am not into all these predictions thingy, just take it as an information, i won't comment on anything ,up to you to judge it yourself, to me this is just another peace of information, as you can see from my blog i just put whatever that comes along. If the predictions does happen at least we can try to do something about it, love your family and friends more, treasure what you have and be thankful and grateful with who we are.

Predictions of the Future by John Croino.

John Croino is slowly becoming well-known in Australia, South-East Asia, China, South Korea, and Japan for his useful advice and close to 100% accurate predictions about future events. His main fields of expertise for his predictive abilities & advice are related to international influences on business, social & political change, and major world-shaking events (which he tends to see by their influence rather than directly). Strong psychic abilities are normal in his family, on both sides, and if someone were to tell him that such abilities were only superstitions, he’d probably look at them as if they were quite blind to the real world, and perhaps mad.

Major stockmarket crash (late 1997)

This was well predicted by many long before it actually occurred. All the economic cycles predicted this result, so it's not surprising that only the less experienced international financiers in Asia suffered the brunt of it.

Huge staged terrorist attack in New York (2001)

John Croino predicted the attacks on the World Trade Center and informed many clients long before that he expected some kind of massively deadly event in New York which would trigger chaos in the stock markets (& seriously affect air travel security) to occur around September 10th 2001. He was only off the date by a single day, as the infamous 9/11 attacks happened one day later than John had predicted.

Beginnings of Last Oil Crisis (late 2004)

Oil production overall world-wide is reaching it’s peak and by mid-2004 will have topped-out, thereafter it’s all downhill for total world oil production. Part of the problem is that oil reserves have been overestimated by poor science influenced by corporate greed, with many oil reserves being much, much less than was expected or advertised. Some producers will begin to admit that their oil reserves were only 1/10th of what they had previously expected. News of this will quietly begin to creep through the meetings of those with power & privilege, but not be noticed in the public media until late 2005. Kerosene and Natural Gas prices will climb from Dec 2004 onwards. Until 2010, this news will be barely commented upon publicly. The nations with the greater oil reserves will also change, as deep core drilling finds oil (at greater expense and difficulty) in regions not previously known for having large oil reserves.

Major climate chaos and dramatic seismic activity (2003-2007, then it really takes off)

The years from 2003 onward are going to be increasingly active with chaotic weather disasters, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. Many will trace this from 2001, but it's from 2003 that it's most obvious. 2005 is a particularly bad year for this, getting worse and worse until people expect terrible things to be a monthly occurrence, but then 2006 will the quiet before the storm when the world will seem to wait in expectation. Very little will happen in 2006, no major wars start, and just the preliminaries for the storm to come.

Then from mid-2007, the shock of events and disasters will increase month by month, worse storms, more violent seismic activity, bizarre and terrifying ominous events that seem to foretell of some great change brewing.
Most people will not truly realise even a hint of bad it will become until late 2008. Every year from 2007 until 2014, will be increasingly nightmarish, with the peak period being 2012-2014. Prepare access to clean water, stockpile food which can last. In some regions it will be advisable to stockpile at least filter-masks and goggles due to volcanic ash falls from some huge volcanic eruptions. If you live in Tokyo, move to the west and away from the sea. Avoid Mount Fuji. Fishermen will soon find summer fish during the winter in Tokyo bay. The same advice is good if you live in the Southern hemisphere, but Australia will have other problems besides being angry at New Zealand for things that New Zealanders have no control over. The sky will be dark in those places for long enough to truly frighten people and damage crop yields.

It's a pity that very few scientists realise how much the magnetic field changes of the Sun can affect volcanic activity on Earth. The Sun is like Earth's mother, and Mother is going to be in a bad mood for a few very frightening years.

Civil Unrest in Australia (2005-2008)

The signs are already there that some kind of violent civilian unrest, almost on the level of an insurrection is very likely to occur. John Croino has foreseen car-bombs and bombings of buildings, fire-bombings, eventually armed conflict with police and security guards, soon increasing to a point where the Australian governments will be calling for the Army to be used. The first of this civil unrest should start in 2005 with rioting in Sydney involving the Lebanese community, but he placed a question-mark on this year because the government will be trying extremely hard to avoid the conflict’s occurrence through trickery, propaganda, and lots of blatant lies…which are very unlikely to work.

From Christmas time in 2007, the civil unrest will become impossible to hide as it will suddenly grow. Brawls spilling out onto the streets becoming riots that the police will have to deal with in large numbers (20 cars or more). The unrest will continue to increase through 2008 to 2010. Again, most likely involving the Lebanese community in Sydney as a trigger, though it’s not theirs to be blamed as they are merely expressing the tip if iceberg of the undercurrent of anger among men in the general public in Australia. It will eventually be much greater than rioting and involve almost every ethnic group in the eastern cities of Australia, particularly in Sydney’s poorer suburbs. Gangs will take the violence to a much greater scale, the police will not be able to cope, and the army will have to be called in. In the long run, the unrest and it's results will change the Australian national government, but it will be two decades before people see the most truly positive results of this.

Curiously enough, 2005 to 2007 are years of great wealth & power for Australia in all other ways – but the Rich versus Poor gap will be intolerable to far too many people. The Australian government should no longer be considered stable from this point onward for a dozen years.

Economic Chaos (During 2008)

Many have seen this coming for a long time, since 2004 at least, but in 2008 the problems with the USA’s economy and the US Dollar reach the cliff. There will be many important high level meetings in governments around the world, but the most important will not be in Europe or the USA, but will be in China and Japan. Secret discussions behind closed doors, rumoured meetings with Russian government representatives. Nations worldwide have turned hostile to the USA’s corruption and bullying. In March 2008, an important decision is made in the Japanese and Chinese governments. 2 weeks later there are discussions and secret meetings with finance corporations in Asia, as the Asian governments decide how to protect their economies. There will be a quietness in the markets, a combination of fear of the coming storm of chaos, and worries as to what the governments will decide. The employment situation will become depressing, new jobs failing to appear as companies worry about their likely need to lay-off staff in the next few months anyway.

Then in June-July 2008, the markets will seem to go crazy to with chaotic rises and falls, mad speculation and panic. For a short time, it might appear that the US Dollar will maintain it’s hegemony as the international currency of choice, but from August onward, the US Dollar’s real value drops steadily and rapidly, dragging down all currencies that are dependent on it. A new “Great Depression” will become obvious to even the most common of people in the industrialised nations.

By December 2008, it will be a very depressing time for most, with no real job stability, companies going bankrupt so often that almost no employment could be guaranteed in the private sector. The social disruption will be devastating, expect the worst.

USA attacks North Korea in a staged “incident” (mid 2008)

To fit their agenda for an eventual war against Iran to support Israeli interests, the leaders of the power faction in the government of the USA attempt to arrange a trigger event for a skirmish with the DPRK (North Korea). This is to politically blunt the accusations that the USA is only serving Israeli interests by always attacking Arab nations and Muslims. The government of the USA will attempt to claim that North Korea is to blame for the skirmish, and the attack on North Korean nuclear facilities is alleged to be “retaliation” for an attack by North Korea on US Navy vessels (an aircraft-carrier). In truth, the USA attacked first, and the North Koreans retaliated with the sinking/crippling of a US Navy vessel ( John believes it will be an obsolete aircraft carrier with the potential for around 4,000 casualties (dead and injured) that is used as the “trigger event” (excuse) for war.

War with Iran (late 2008)

The signs are already there, but the USA will attack Iran, later than most expect, and a lot less successfully than the war-mongers in the governments of the USA and Israel wrongly assumed. This will be a conflict which severely damages the USA's credibility as a world power, and destroys the illusion of American military superiority and prowess. It will NOT be a trigger for WW-3 as many mistakenly believe even as it seems the start of a period of many wars that will upset the world economy and gradually reduce trade worldwide, although it will be a trigger for eventual economic disaster for the USA that will shatter the power of the Western-dominated paradigm. World weather will become extremely volatile after this time, as if it was spiritually connected to political events and humanity's reaction to those events.

Increasing Civil Unrest in Southern China (2008 to 2010)

…leading to what some might call a “civil war” that will last many years in the south and west in rural areas. USA is a major factor in this situation occurring (as the government of the USA and military-related corporations sponsor so-called “democratic-independence” groups and corrupted military leaders) as they see China’s economic power as dangerous. There is Russian military involvement in the North-West due to oil (the pipeline and discovered resources), and Russian organized crime intrudes in that region as well.

Beginnings of insurgency in Spain (2012)

Major unrest, rioting, bombings, and many deaths. This is going to be covered-up by the EU-dominated & censored European media, particularly as the violent atrocities on both sides becomes extreme. It will probably be a real test for the EU’s “Eurocrats” who constantly try to eliminate all the colour and independence of the local ethnic cultures that really are the core of Europe. It may be a major part of the eventual downfall of the EU, but it will be the much later problems in Germany that will be the historically recorded turning-point that tears the EU apart in the 2030s.

Civil Unrest in Germany (2033 onward)

Terrorist attacks in Germany resulting from racist reactions against Muslims will lead to serious instability in the nation's unity, eventually these instabilities and unrest spread across Europe from East to West, until by the late 2040s, the European Union will have ceased to exist as a political entity.

Indonesian economic boom (2040-2043)

These are the years when the nation of Indonesia, particularly the people of Java and Sumatra will be their most wealthy, having influence and power over a vast region of the world. It is sad that the boom is as short-lived, as it is dramatic. The golden age doesn't last long, for in 2043 the crash of the market shares destroys the illusionary wealth.

Male Sterility

By 2050, more than 99% of human males will be sterile…..there will not be a future of overcrowded cities and overpopulation. Instead, the human race will be facing it’s own extinction. The big problem of the late 21st Century will not be too many people, but too few ….

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