Kerstin Fritzl wakes from coma and reunited with family

Kerstin Fritzl, who was held captive by her father in a dungeon in Austria, has woken from a seven-week coma and been reunited with her mother and the rest of her family at a secure medical ward.

Doctors were unsure how Kerstin - who had only ever seen her mother Elisabeth and two brothers, as well as her father, Josef Fritzl - would react when she woke from her coma and were keen to make sure the family was reunited as soon as she became conscious.

Doctors had set up the plan in advance knowing that Kerstin had only ever before seen her mother and two brothers, as well as her captor Fritzl, 73, who is in custody awaiting trial.

As soon as it was clear she was awake they moved her to a specal medical ward at Amstteten Regional Clinic to be reunited with her mother and brothers in a special room designed to look like the cellar she has known all her life.

Kerstin, 19, was allowed out of the dungeon on April 19 after falling gravely ill, triggering a series of events which led to her mother Elisabeth, 42, and two other imprisoned brothers, Felix, 5, and Stefan, 18, being released from the cramped cellar under their home in Amstetten.

She had become desperately sick, probably because she had suffered a life without fresh air, light, exercise or a good diet. In a rare act of mercy, Fritzl, 73, chose to release her and take her to hospital after she collapsed in his underground lair.

*report from Telegraph uk & Dailymail uk

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