Elisabeth Fritzl not ready to face the monster father

No matter how strong the incest victim Elisabeth Fritzl is, she is still not ready to face her monster father who locked her in the dungeon for 24 years and repeatedly raped her and fathered her 7 children, despite the family lawyer said the progress of this family is pretty encouraging.

Reported by Mirror(dot)co(dot)uk the cellar mum Elisabeth Fritzl is not yet ready to face her evil father - even via a courtroom video link.

Doctors say she needs more time to prepare for the ordeal that could see Josef Fritzl, 73, jailed for life.

Brave Elisabeth, 42, insisted on bringing forward her testimony to ensure he faces justice as soon as possible.

But on medical advice the preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for the end of the month - three weeks later than planned.

Elisabeth, held for 24 years in a dungeon at Fritzl's home in Amstetten, Austria, will be be able to see and hear him on a video link to his jail cell.

A family friend said: "Her doctors want to be certain that she is strong enough."

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