The best Coffee

I was running out of coffee grind today,i wasn't a good feeling, i normally drink at least 2 cups of cappuccino a day and suddenly run out of my favourite Di Bella coffee, as this coffee roasting house is quite a distance from my place so i took the chance to try out another coffee Merlo, so far nothing can beat Di Bella, Illy also have to give way, and forget about Starbucks. I dare to challenge you after you tried Di Bella it is very hard for you to get a substitute, sigh!

I am getting more and more into coffee, start to learn the types of coffee, the difference between coffees, types of roast, and tips on how to make good coffee.

Hehe.. forgive me for being carried away,talk as if i am like a coffee expert,i am not definately, but i truely love coffee madly deeply.

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