Petrol, mortgage interest rate up up up!

Been seeing petrol prices and mortgage rate rise everywhere, kind of immune to it, what can be done? unless we can find a substitute to petrol, or just stay at home, hehe.. may be there is a reason behind it, may be we have been very lazy to do exercise even for a short distance we also want to depend on our car. Take it positively it is time that we should do more walking or cycling, good for the environment and our health, don't you agree? hahahhaha... what a good way to start a day with motivation. love it love it love it!

Ok let's get back to my plan today. I have to write a so called business plan on how to promote my websites, i have signed up for a lot of affiliate programs hoping to earn decent money, but so far the result is as slow as snail, i hope i will see the decent income soon, then i can share with my friends or whoever wish to find an alternate means of income, or multiple streams of income, or work from home.

Really deep down my heart i wish i could share my success if one day i am successful. A lot of people especially the middle class 90% suffer from mortgage stress, rental stress, credit card stress, children education stress. And i believe if there is a will there is a way.

Oh ya was talking about my websites just now. i am doing a couple of websites related to travel, the websites offer cheap hotel rates, cheap airfares, cheap car rentals. If any of you have good suggestions to me that i can work on please feel free to give me a feedback.


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