Had a quite rough week, things just not moving so find, trying to find more business opportunity look at here and there doesn't seem have much improvement, on the other hand have some family issue it is quite daunting, but thanks to the support from friends and prayers i managed to move on.

A lot of shocking news lately,like the cyclone in Myanmar that takes up to 100,000 life, i wish i could help but at this point in time i couldn't even help myself, and i keep following the incest case that happened in Austria, a monster father locked his daughter Elisabeth Fritzl in a dungeon under his house and kept raping her and fathered her 7 children for 24yrs! how could a human being do such thing? he is worse than an animal!

I tend to be very sensitive nowadays probably due to my current weary and low self esteem, just pray that all these thing will be over soon and i need more wisdom and E.Q to deal with it.

Now i just wish that i can get a work visa at least i can work part time at the same time i can concentrate on building my online business. Still exploring at this stage and hope will see more result soon. i believe once i make it through it will be a big turnaround.

Keep working baby! never say die! never give up!

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