G'day mate !

Haven't been blogging for ages, wasn't in the mood or being lazy? guess laziness scores 99% hahaha....

Time flies today already 1st of May, i am still waiting for a real breakthrough in life, despite there is some improvement but it is still very slow to me. Nothing much can be done, what i can do now is to do what i need to and wait for the right time to reap the harvest, just hope that it would not take long, it is quite daunting during this 'waiting' period. Well.. i just have to put my faith on HIM.

But when i look back the past 3 years,it has been a dramatic change i reckon, life hit the rock bottom, went into depression, came out of depression, met a lot of angels, life has be so blessed, now i am able to kind of start a new life in Australia, hope this is not the short term thingy, i really hoping for a new life, some people said it is greener pasture at the other side, but to me it is not quite actually, after living here for couple of months i have seen the 'actual' Australian life, they are just like us,ordinary life, what i am longing for is just a simple life, that's all i ask for. I used to admire the corporate life,climbing the corporate ladder was always been my dream especially people like me without high qualification, but after awhile i became very materialistic and never feel enough of what i have, i always want more.....

But i always believe things happen for a reason, it helped me to put a stop on this, during the 'dark ages' i was totally lost and slowly i came out of the dark and became the new me, a person who learn to take things with gratitude, i feel greatful and thankful with what happened to because it transformed me and i feel greatful with what i have now because i learn to treasure a lot of things that i didn't know how to treasure like my parents.

Even though my mum was one of the 'culprit' that caused my depression last time,but now i love her very much after i learned to understand her and where she came from, she is a nice person but just that very hostile, if try to analyse why she behaving like that, it was not totally her fault actually, i have to understand her up bringing and the problem that she went through. Well.. i thank God it is already past. Now me and my mum both of us the new person, we appreciate each other despite sometimes argument does occur. Oh Mother's day is coming, suddenly i miss her a lot, i want to tell you 'i love you mum' in chinese.

Now my resolution is to blog as often as i can.. ok.. i guess this is quite a good start for today will continue to 'update' my blog A.S.A.P

Au Revoir

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