Eurovision 2008

Just finished watching Eurovision 2008 semi-final 1, it brings back the memory, i accidentally discovered this program last year when i was in Brisbane, how i discovered was..... i was nearly bored to dead and turned myself into a couch potato after my lappy was taken by someone, i don't know why i typically like European thingy that is why SBS is one of my favourite tv channel despite their old fashioned tv news casters.

I quite enjoy the Eurovision but some performances just make my head spin and i started to think if it is called 'culture shock'. For e.g the Bosnian team, the song is not bad but why they want to act like a fool? why can't they just sing normally? i don't think that is a good way to draw the crowd's attention. well.. this is only my personal opinion.

When came to the turn of the Armenian girl perform i googled at the same time to look for information about this country, you know what? i found a jewel! Armenia is so beautiful! hmmmmm... i have added it into my 'travel wish list'. see you soon Armenia. ;) by faith i will be there one day i am sure.

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